Cellulite is a cosmetic condition that mainly affects women. It begins around puberty and may be visible from a young age. Although it is important to maintain a healthy weight, be physically active and eat a balanced diet, cellulite depends on several factors such as hormonal and circulatory disorders.

Local treatments are necessary in order to improve the appearance of dimpled skin. Pleasurable non-invasive treatments, which consist of weekly or biweekly session to treat early cases, can be performed in our medical center. Mesotherapy treatments for more advanced cases are also available.

This year the center added a new exclusive cellulite treatment, used in Europe, which consists of acoustic shock waves which serve to mitigate the characteristic pitting and deal with the existing localized adiposity. This non-invasive treatment is short, painless, does not last longer than 10 minutes and can be combined with other treatments according to the clinical form.

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