The thigh treatment is one of the most requested treatments. Its aim is to increase butt tone and skin firmness. Also, the patient can obtain greater volume in the treated area if desired.

For enhanced results it is recommended to combine this treatment with radiofrequency sessions. The aesthetics devices used comply with all current bio safety standards.

Some of these treatments can be performed in the aesthetic cabin and others can only be performed by a physician. Both are designed on a weekly or biweekly basis, with sessions under 50 minutes.

- Dr. Frisari is external consultant in Electroscience and author of several research papers in Physiotherapy Aesthetics. She has been issued as Laser Operator Technician by Public Health and is Secretary of the biosafety course for the use of laser and pulsed light (April 2013), mandatory for all users of lasers and IPL. Resolutions 1271/2001 and 1062/2010 of the Ministery of Health of the Nation. Taught by teachers from the National Ministry of Health.

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