The aim of antiaging medicine is revitalize the body, which has begun to undergo an aging process in patients over 30 years old.

The objective is for biological age to be under chronological age. We must feel vital, young and with the ability to cope with stress. There are certain concepts that allow us to intervene in the aging process, controlling and revitalizing the body in order to achieve a better quality of life:

- Nutritional Supplements
- Hormone replacement therapies
- Antioxidants
- Food plan to stop aging
- Education to improve the quality of life

The antiaging revitalization medicine is directed at all patients, regardless of age, who feel stressed or realize that their body does not perform as it used to in daily activity, and want to improve their health. Each revitalization program is customized.

Dr. Frisari is the coordinator of the Antiaging Medicine Course for Residents at the Argentine Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SOARME).

Furthermore, you can ask for Botox® treatments, facial implants, liftings, lips and exclusive treatments for your hands.

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