Our practice is not based on quantity, but absolutely focused on quality. That's not a cliché. It is our reality: what we are and what we do. We pay attention to every detail, because when someone trusts us with their facial skin and structure, there can be no margin of error.

You need a doctor and a practice in which you can rely. That's why so many men and women have chosen Frisari Antiaging and Aesthetic Medicine.

The first interview is the initial step for you to make contact with Dr. Frisari and be able to evaluate together the improvements you desire in your aesthetics. After this first evaluation you will keep in contact with a recognized medical professional, who will always seek to get optimal aesthetic results which are reliable for your health.

We value your time, and for this reason we suggest you complete the following forms before your first visit:

» Patient registration form.

» Pre-evaluation form.

For an appointment, call (0054) 11 48 27 54 96.






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