According to the current concept of beauty for lips, they have to be defined, sensual and natural. Dr. Frisari, author of the chapter 'Lips and perioral area' of the Manual of Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Pinto et al., highlights that with implants and subtle artistic touches, the lips of patients can be restored to its healthy, harmonious and sensual appearance.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the body, so allergy tests are not required for their use. Once placed, hyaluronic acid can be easily integrated to the lip, resulting in a completely natural look and soft feel. Results are immediately noticeable.

The next generation of hyaluronic acids contains anesthetics in its composition, which simplifies the procedure.

Dr. Frisari only uses fully resorbable implants from ALLERGAN and FILORGA Laboratories, approved by FDA and the European Community (EC).

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