Ultracavitation is one of the most modern and efficient techniques for treating localized fat. Its slogan was 'bladeless liposculpture'.

The purpose of ultracavitation is to offer the patient a treatment which will act selectively on adipose tissue. This treatment should be performed by experts after assessing the patient's lipid profile.

Sessions last about 20 minutes and special emulsions are used with different assets to reduce and also tighten skin. The number of sessions depends on the size of the adiposity and the areas to be treated. Ultracavitation may be combined with other aesthetic treatments.

According to French decrees, it is appropriate to perform a fat drainage after the application of this technique. There are new generations of devices that combine simultaneous ultracavitation and radiofrequency, so that the doctor can reduce localized fat and tighten the skin in one session.

Dr. Frisari uses devices by MEDITEA, a market leader in the market that meets all the required safety standards.

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