The face should be evaluated as an artistic expression, trying to find the hidden beauty in its features, highlighting the favorable, seeking balance and harmony in the expression. The extensive familiarity of Dr. Frisari with the facial anatomy is the cornerstone of hes exceptional technique with injectable dermal fillers. Dr. Frisari has great aesthetic criteria to find the exact and more benefitial location for the implant.

The non-surgical facelift is a highly requested treatment for patients over 40, when the first visible signs of aging appear and make itfor people to recognize themselves in a photo or in the mirror.

The concept of non-surgical facelift is designed to offer patients a non-surgical alternative in facial rejuvenation, in which patients can improve their appearance, correct imperfections and beautify their features with simple and fast procedures without having to undergo a surgery. For many procedures in sensitive areas of the face, Dr. Frisari uses the revolutionary microcannulas, instead of a needle, to administer the injections. This gives her access to the most sensitive areas, reducing bruising, swelling and pain in an efficient way. Dr. Frisari has been trained in Paris in the use of Soft Fill and DermaSculpt, among others, and due to her aesthetic and technical mastery she trains other professionals in the Argentinian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

This procedure takes about 90 minutes, is performed in the doctor's office and is also called 'Lunch Lifting', because its usual length makes it ideal for the lunch break, the only time that many patients with full-time work schedules can devote to treat their faces. In some cases of aging, lift threads are generally recommended.

The non-surgical facelift involves three steps performed in the same session:

» Aging skin treatment
» Expression lines and wrinkles correction with Botox
» Resetting volumes or highlighting lips with facial implants

With her expertise in facial rejuvenation without surgery, Dr. Frisari offers patients the best care in her field. Through participation in international conferences as both an assistant and a speaker, Dr. Frisari keeps up with the latest advances due to her commitment to her profession and to providing her patients the best available treatments

Dr. Frisari is the Director of the non-surgical facelift course at Pinto Institute of Education and Research, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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